Our Focus Is The Cats Of Operation Hood

Much of our attention this past week has been toward the care of the cats at Loving Touch Animal Hospital, at the Operation Hood colony site, and those in foster care.

Most of the 24 cats at Loving Touch have diarrhea as a result of intestinal parasites that they acquired while at Operation Hood. All of them are being treated accordingly and we are seeing positive results already. One would never believe that a solid stool would make a handful of ladies so excited!!! We are also caring for a two cats that have severe upper respiratory infections. They have been isolated from the other cats so not to spread their illness. They are already showing signs of improvement as they are up and about in their cage and curious as to their surroundings. If you have two to three hours to spare once a week, we desperately need assistance in caring for the cats at Loving Touch. We work in two-three person teams and the more volunteers we have to assist the better!

As many may have heard, we trapped Grace, one of the colony’s sickest cats on Wednesday. She was taken to CARE Hospital immediately where she was treated and then released to her foster mom. Grace is content being in foster care, but still very scared. She is holding her own though and enjoying meal time. She LOVES to eat!!!

 Grace - January 9, 2016

Grace - January 9, 2016

 Grace - February 18, 2016

Grace - February 18, 2016

We have also been attempting to trap a somewhat friendly, very pregnant cat. We have a foster on standby in the event that we trap her. She will be given the opportunity to have her kittens before being spayed. Hopefully by then mama kitty will be socialized well enough to be adopted out, along with her kittens!

We currently have two volunteers who feed daily at Operation Hood. We trained others this week to assist in the workload. Volunteers were shown where feeding and water bowls are maintained and provided instruction on how much food should be given to the cats. If you have an hour to spare one day a week and would like to help with feeding the cats, please contact A Cat’s Friend. We can use the assistance in feeding the many cats of Operation Hood!

We also had our first adoption. Karma, one of our older, more sick cats was adopted by her foster mom. We couldn’t be more happy as we know that she will be well cared for and loved!

Karma – Adopted on February 17, 2016.

We currently have seven cats and kittens in foster care. Drew and Gypsy, both calico kittens, are available for adoption at this time!!! They are VERY cute! Sanne currently requires medical attention, and Shelton and Oreo require socialization before they can be made available for adoption. You too could be a foster parent. We are eager to get many of the cats at Loving Touch into foster care within the next week or so. If you are interested in welcoming one of these cats into your home so they can recuperate and learn what it is to be loved again, please let us know! We will gladly provide all supplies and food for the cats.

A Cat’s Friend would like to thank everyone who has donated toward the Operation Hood effort. We have been able to provide medical attention to 37 cats to date and are feeding 150+ cats daily as a result of your financial support and in-kind donations. We have a lot of work ahead of us and there are many, many cats who require medical care. If you would like to contribute to Operation Hood, please click HERE to donate.