Keagan – Rescued Operation Hood Cat

On January 16th, an orange tabby kitten who we named Keagan was rescued from Operation Hood. At the time, Keagan was having difficulty walking. After being seen by the vet, it was determined that he had Bentonite (or drilling mud) caked to his hind legs and feet. The mud was rotting his flesh and the pads of his paws. He was treated and was provided pain killers. All of us expected a full recovery. Over the next few days, Keagan began fighting a high fever, stopped eating, and began having diarrhea. He was rushed to the vet on the morning on January 21st and x-rays revealed that precious Keagan had Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). We knew immediately that he didn’t have much longer in this world and we did not want him to go through any additional pain and suffering. Keagan crossed the Rainbow Bridge that morning.

Keagan and Toby, who we shared with you earlier today, were not the only victims of Operation Hood this week. We found three dead cats last weekend, we had a kitten pass away as volunteers rushed it to the ERF, and we found a skull and a mummified cat as well.

Please keep Keagan, Toby, and these five other cats in your thoughts and prayers tonight. Also, please say a prayer for Mary, Keagan and Toby’s foster mom. She suffered a great loss this week and misses them both terribly.