We were recently offered a piece of land to use as a sanctuary for the Operation Hood. This property requires a Purrfect fence, which will be used to contain the cats, as well as keep them safe.

You may be asking why we are looking to relocate the cats. To date, we have not gone into much detail about the location in which these cats live. We have shared photos, but nothing more. The cats are living in filth! Most, if not all of the cats, have intestinal parasites, thus causing severe diarrhea. The property reeks of feces and urine. Additionally, there is Bentonite on the property that is causing extreme harm to the cats as they are ingesting it and walking through it. It cakes onto their fur and in their mouths, thus causing SEVERE health problems for the cats, such as rotting teeth and skin, cancer, and extreme anemia. The cats are infested with fleas and some have shown signs of having lice. Also many, many cats suffer from upper respiratory infections and iron deficiencies. Operation Hood MUST relocate these cats to a healthy environment in order for them to become healthy once again.​

​This is Bentonite. It is causing severe health problems for the cats living at Operation Hood.

Alley Cat Allies has offered to pay for a portion of the fence, but but not all. We must order the fence in the next couple days as we have been advised that the company is in short supply and if not ordered quickly the fence will be placed on back order.

If the fence is ordered immediately, the fence can be delivered within the next 7-10 days and we will install it immediately! Once installed, we can begin trapping all of the cats. Those who need to be spayed/neutered will be done at that time and all others will be vaccinated for rabies and given flea/tick/dewormer. Those requiring medical attention will be cared for as well.

If the fence is NOT purchased immediately, it could be months before the fence is ordered, installed, and the cats relocated and the cats will continue to suffer.

If you would like to contribute toward the fence that will house the cats of Operation Hood, please click here. We MUST raise $3,700 to cover our portion of the fence. Please help!