Sweet Toby – Rescued Operation Hood Cat

This is Toby. He walked into a set trap intended for a kitten last Sunday at Operation Hood. Toby gave us a look of relief when when he saw us approach the trap and we quickly learned that he was friendly as he meowed at us and rubbed his head against the trap walls. We immediately moved him from the trap and placed him in a carrier along with some food and a blanket to keep him warm.

The next day he went to Loving Touch Animal Hospital where he was examined thoroughly and underwent tests. Toby was severely emaciated, extremely anemic, his red blood cell count was much lower than normal, he was missing teeth, and sadly he showed signs having cancer. Toby was taken home that day only to return on Wednesday. He had stopped eating, was vomiting, and had bloody diarrhea.
In speaking with the vet, it was determined that there was nothing that could be done for the poor sweet Toby. We could not let him suffer any longer. Everyone was praying for a miracle, but not this time. Toby died in his foster mom’s arms as they sedated him. He was so very fragile.

We don’t know if Toby was abandoned at Operation Hood or if he lived there all his life. However, we do know that he was warm, comfortable, and experienced a lifetime’s worth of love during the last few days of his life. Toby would lay in his foster mom’s lap, purring and “making biscuits” with his little feet. Toby was a sweet, sweet boy.

Toby is just one of many cats who have suffered greatly at Operation Hood. There are so many more that need our help and Toby’s death has made us more determined than ever to make things right for these cats. We will never forget you sweet Toby. Your death will not go without meaning. We love you…

​RIP – January 20, 2016