Male - Domestic Shorthair - Adult


About Mushu

Meet Mushu!  He is grey and white with bright green eyes! He’s about 2 and a half years old. He’s very energetic and loves to play with his toys and hang out in cat trees. He loves playing around with the dogs but of course only when properly introduced to them and they must be ok with an occasional playful swipe. Mushu is big on love but not a cuddler.  Mushu does not want to be in a home as an “only” cat as he would want to be the center of your world. He would be best with a playmate that that is accepts his eagerness to be a friend. He is not a fan of too many feline friends as he feels overwhelmed. He loves having a spot by the window where he can sunbathe and will follow you around everywhere you go. If you are interested in adopting Mushu complete an application and we will be in contact with you to arrange a visit.

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