Female - DSH - Senior


About Cheese

Meet Cheese!

Yep that’s right it’s ME CHEESE! My foster mom named me Cheese and I love my name! Cheese came to us after we learned she was displaced after an unfortunate event that left Cheese fending for herself and after a concerned citizen stepped up to help her has changed her life! Cheese was trapped and showed no signs of aggression if anything she was relieved that someone helped her. She is an older gal but hey older gals need love too and Ms. Cheese has tons of love to share! Cheese is a diabetic kitty so she requires insulin injections 2 x’s daily and we are in the process of having her tested every few weeks to monitor her sugar levels. We would love to find a forever home for this sweet girl so if you are interested and would like to learn more about her and her needs as a diabetic cat please reach out to us and submit an application. Cheese is a sweet girl!

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