Pooh Bear

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Pooh Bear

About Pooh Bear

Meet Pooh Bear.
A concerned citizen who had been feeding Pooh a stray kitty reached out to us for help when Pooh showed up as always for his dinner with wounds on his head area and was limping. We have met some amazing folks through TNR and Rescue efforts like this. The person who requested help was eager to learn about trapping and willing to put forth the effort to do what it took to safely trap Pooh. Our goal is always to safely get the kitty but to also remember to do so with as less stress as possible. Poohs trust of the person trapping also enabled us to get him quicker so he could be treated for his injuries sooner.

Pooh Bear is now settled in as you can see from the video and is a sweet boy. He healed well from his wounds. The limping was from scabs on his paws which has now healed nicely and possibly was from walking on hot pavement. Pooh was neutered, vaccinated and combo tested. The combo test revealed he is FIV+. FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Unless FIV+ cats are exposed to nasty germs and viruses, an FIV+ cat can live a long, normal, and healthy life. FIV is species specific and hard for a cat to contract. With good hygiene, quality food and a L-Lysine powder supplement, while also being proactive in their health as you would any other cat, they can lead a normal life.

Pooh Bear is around 8 to 10 years old and has had a dental and is ready to meet his furever family! If you are interested in meeting Pooh Bear submit an application and our adoption coordinator will contact you regarding a home visit. By submitting the application it does not obligate you to adopt, but allows us to get to know a potential adopter better. operationhood.org

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