Spanky & Alfalfa

Male - DMH Black & White

Spanky & Alfalfa

About Spanky & Alfalfa

Hello our names are Spanky (I am the DMH tuxedo) and Alfalfa (I am the DSH Black kitty) Both Spanky & Alfalfa are bonded bro’s and wish to find a forever home together where they can romp and play! Spanky & Alfalfa are loving and affectionate boys and naturally with change will be shy at first. Proper introductions and patience are a must for placement and gives them time to settle in. There are many perks to adopting 2 cats!

“Make it a Double!”

  • Twice the love & cuddles.
  • Young cats learn through play and from each other & are tons of fun to watch play!
  • Two kittens can entertain each other while you’re busy or away at work.
  • You will be saving 2 lives instead of one!

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