Male - DSH Orange Tabby


About Tye

Hello! Tye here. I enjoy being around my pal Taz. We were taken in as strays at the same time. I am looking for my forever home that understands my needs. I was diagnosed as FIV+. FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Unless FIV+ cats are exposed to nasty germs and viruses. An FIV+ cat can live a long, normal, and healthy life. It’s time FIV was debunked: it’s species specific hard for a cat to contract, and with good hygiene, good quality food and a L-Lysine powder supplement, being proactive in their health, just as you would any other cat, I can lead a normal life. Proper introductions are a must with any cat being introduced to a new home and with meeting new feline friends. I would love to have someone who understands that monitoring my health is an important part in me living a long and healthy life. I am looking for a home where my humans understand I have a lot to offer and if I could be with Taz that would be the best! I understand that may not happen but we have been pals for awhile now. If you are interested in me or my buddy Taz please submit an application. By doing so it does not obligate you to adopting me but allows the folks with Operation Hood to get to know the potential adopter better. Hope to hear from you soon! ~Tye

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